CodeGuard Premium

CodeGuard Premium

Website problems suck. Fix them easily with CodeGuard Backup

The silver bullet to solve almost any website problem. Wave your magic wand and undo any website hack, crash, malware infection, bad update, or goof-up. Install CodeGuard Backup now so you’re ready for the inevitable.

  • Backup Storage – 10 GB ,
  • # of Websites     – Up to 10
  • Backup via WordPress Plugin – Yes
  • Backup Retention – Unlimited
  • Automatic Backup – Yes
  • On demand Backups – Yes
  • Backup via FTP – Yes
  • Supports MS-SQL and MySQL – Yes


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CodeGuard backups keeps your entire website up, including the files and the databases (MySQL or MSSQL). Whether its a server issue or another technical error, the reality is that all websites can (and will) go down at some point. And few things feel worse than realizing that you did not have adequate website backups in place to get it back up and running with minimal downtime or disruption to sales. CodeGuard Backup allows you to focus on improving your bottom line instead of worrying about your website backup solution.

Codeguard Top 10 Features are : 

  • Configurable in under 5 minutes
  • WordPress plugin and FTP/SFTP integration available
  • Backup websites and databases
  • Backs up daily or at preferred intervals
  • Malware scanning identifies and remediates threats
  • One-click website restoration
  • Email alerts inform you of changes to your source code
  • Git-backed versioning lets you see what’s changed
  • Easy-to-use interface keeps you in control
  • Works with any major website platform


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